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A walk down arty street

It's a narrow street that runs almost parallel with the main road into Bodrum and although it looks like a pedestrian way, motorbikes and mopeds will whizz by at speed so you have to keep your wits about you. There is now the added annoyance of electric rental scooters that appear soundlessly behind, but Jake the dog and I have already found that a long loose dog leash is good protection against these. The address is easy to remember for those of us brought up on old tales - Ali Baba Street. A visiting friend and a family birthday meant that I was in the centre of Bodrum last weekend, so I used the opportunity to stock up on art supplies at the two shops in Ali Baba Sokak that sell everything an artist needs and several things we don't need but would like to have. There is also a small art gallery which is currently hosting an exhibition of over 50 works by nearly 30 local artists. All proceeds from the sale of these paintings, ceramics and sculptures will go to help people affected by the forest fires that raged and ravaged Turkey a month ago and are still a threat. As I write, helicopters with fire buckets are flying over my roof.

I missed the opening cocktail which is galling as Mor Salkım vineyard provided the wine, and I missed out on buying any of the art. I visited two days after the exhibition opened and all the work had been sold; the Bodrum Mayor Ahmet Aras buying anything unsold on the first night. The exhibition at the Zeynep Sanat Galerisi is open until September 11th and is an opportunity to see the fine range of art produced in Bodrum.

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