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Johanna den Dunnen
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My Work

I am a storyteller and in my work I welcome you to join me on this visual journey.


From a young age I was curiously enthralled by my surroundings; family, streets, market places, woods, forests and gardens are now permanently engraved on my mind.  These images I carry with me - the landscape of my life, experiences of growing up in cultures different to my own in South Africa, England and Portugal - widening my view with color,  smells, sounds - fractions of time are like a collage in my minds eye ready to be used whenever…..


Jaydedu alias Johanna den Dunnen ( is a contemporary abstract landscape artist.  Born in the Netherlands, she grew up in South Africa; lived, worked and studied in Britain and now lives in Bodrum, Turkey.  Her colourful paintings pay homage to her surrounding environment, its people, culture and nature.  Her distinctive personal style eminates joy and peace and expresses the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of her surrounding landscape.  


Johanna earned a BA hons of Fine Arts degree from Chelsea School of Art, London.  She was a member of various art groups and followed a number of workshops and courses. After a period of working in the BBC producing educational programs for schools, she moved to Portugal to teach art where she collaborated with other schools to create cultural exchanges and exhibitions. She returned to London to work in the early years section, creating programs of learning through art, making the first years of school a creative empowering experience throughout their education period and beyond.  Johanna returned to painting, ceramics and mosaics when she retired in Bodrum Turkey, where she continues to join various art groups, workshops and courses which broadened her scope and confidence in the use of colour and personal style.

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