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Annie Onursan
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My Work

The first time I watched water colour paints blend and infuse on wet paper I was entranced. I dreamt about the colours that night and still feel excitement when my brush hits a white surface for the first time. After the discipline, preparation and time needed to complete a ceramic art work, it is liberating to watch the magic of water colour happen in front of my eyes. For this reason I work on a small scale as I try to capture a moment in the light. Inspiration is all around me in the Aegean town of Bodrum; I can be preparing vegetables for supper and find a courgette flower or pomegranate so gorgeous that I have to paint it before I can carry on cooking.


Annie Onursan trained as an archaeologist and as a chef. She takes inspiration from both disciplines to create her paintings. For two decades she worked with clay, specialising in a negative engraving technique, and taking inspiration from Hittite motifs, to create wall plaques and slab-built vases. Five years ago, when collecting up her late husband’s art materials to sell or give to charity, she decided to experiment with the water colours and her kiln has remained cold ever since.   In the past few years she has been commissioned to illustrate two children’s books while concentrating on a ‘kitchen art’ range of original watercolour greetings cards.

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