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We're at Bodrum Botanicals

February 21st and we're all five together again for the first time this year; travel and illness have scuppered previous plans. Lots to talk about and mull over as our "social media coach", Bella has made it plain that we have to drag ourselves out of our comfort zone and accept that 21st century marketing bears no resemblance to what are relying on. It's time to shake up our ideas and make our Instagram and Facebook pages more interesting. What would you like to see on our pages?

Demonstrations? Reels? More about our lives outside art? Other artists in Bodrum? Please let us know.

We met, and because the food is so good, decided to always meet at Bodrum Botanicals Cafe in Bitez - Vegan food that is so tasty, it converted Ali to sprouts.

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2 comentarios

21 feb 2022

Id also be interested in knowing how each artist arrives at their subject matter.

Me gusta

21 feb 2022

I'd like to see some demonstrations.

Me gusta
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