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Two Days, Three Exhibitions, Four Galleries.

On Wednesday evening, Bodrum artist, Lale Çağlar's exhibition opened in the Trafo Gallery in central Bodrum. Her early tapestries hang alongside her more recent art works created using a rug hooking technique. This piece caught my eye, perfect for wild swimmers everywhere.

On Thursday, the Marina Yacht Club held a very well attended opening cocktail for Doğu Çankaya's "Home,TinTin and Some Beautiful Words" exhibition.He's an artist who splits his time between Bodrum and Istanbul and is also a medical doctor. His collection was intriguing and uplifting. I'd like to go along to the old Bodrum house he's converted into a work space to see how he uses resin to achieve this vibrancy.

At the same time on Thursday, the 'Between Life and Death' exhibition opened in the two Bodrum Municipality Art galleries in Bodrum, not great planning but I did get to have a quick look around before the official opening.

Outside all four galleries I was pleasantly surprised to see the traditional 'congratulatory wreath' of sad fresh flower heads stuck into a round of florists' oasis has been replaced by a reusable wreath. What a good idea, I always hated to see the dead flowers in the rubbish the next day.

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