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Printing with Plants

I've dabbled in many arty things but this has to be one of the most fun workshops I've ever attended. I went along to Bodrum Botanicals cafe in Bitez, which hosts the course once a month, not knowing what to expect. The afternoon is run by Özgür; an ex-Pfizer employee who got tired of wearing a tie and jacked it in to move to Bodrum. He discovered printing with plants and started Bodrum Ecoprint - transferring natures designs on to natural fabrics.

It's part chemistry, part alchemy with a good dose of magic thrown in and the results are breathtaking.

I left the cafe after 4 hours with my stomach full of healthy food which happened to be vegan and my mind bursting with ideas of how I could use this technique.

If you are still stuck for a Christmas or New Year's present, gift a friend a half day learning how to create these beautiful designs. The next course will be in January.

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