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A long way to go for art supplies...

Last week I took advantage of my holiday in Scotland to visit one of my favorite art shops in Glasgow, Cass Art. I also took time to visit the Museum of Modern Art Gallery with its iconic statue of the Duke of Wellington outside, adorned with locally added traffic cones. These first appeared in the 1980s and after many thwarted attempts by the council to remove them, including raising the plinth to stop people climbing up to replace them, locals started a 'Keep the Cone' campaign, as well as a rally, and the people rained victorious.

For me and many others they symbolise the Glasgow spirit. From there it was on to the shop. Some art materials are not so easy to find in Bodrum, so I had asked Sarah, Ali, Johanna and Annie what they would like. I also added myself to the list. You can decide who got what, but the bag was definitely for me!

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